School is an integral part of a child’s integral development. However, in a situation where the child is not properly challenged, it can be deemed ineffective. For this reason, there are a variety of gifted schools in Arizona to challenge your young scholar’s mind and stimulate meaningful growth.

Find the appropriate school with these gifted schools in Arizona.

Students Are Challenged to Excel at These Gifted Schools in Arizona

#1 Academies of Math & Science

To start the list is Academies of Math & Science of gifted schools. Academies of Math & Science is a network of K-8 Charter Schools in Arizona with locations in Tucson, Phoenix, Glendale, and Peoria. Their STEM-focused academics is geared towards highly-motivated and gifted students. As a result, their advanced curriculum is integrated into the school and students learn rigorous content, one year above grade level in all subjects with acceleration in Math, Science, and Computers. Advanced studies at AMS are complemented with foreign language, arts, and music programs in all grades to ensure all students gain a well-rounded education.

Parent Reviews:
“My son is in his second year here and I couldn’t be happier. They go above and beyond to ensure he gets the best education. The teachers and staff are extremely sweet. I recommend it to all my friends!” — via Google Review

#2 Arizona College Prep

Arizona College Prep is a 7-12 public school part of the Chandler Unified School District with a total of two campuses. Best known for their advanced study and college preparatory programs, ACP students can participate in STEM club, National Honor Societies, and award-winning Speech and Debate, and Science and Engineering teams.

Parent Review:
“My son gets personalized attention and outstanding education. Not only is ACP preparing him for college, I know that he is much more likely to earn scholarships and attend the university of his choice because of the well-rounded education he is receiving at Arizona College Preparatory-Erie. Thank you to Chandler Unified School District for offering a college prep education in the public school system.” — via Great Schools

#3 Arizona Conservatory for Arts and Academics

Arizona Conservatory for the Arts and Academics is a K-12 charter school network that offers an innovative schedule, curriculum based on Arizona state standards, and an environment that fosters creativity. Their advanced placement program helps students prepare for and get ahead with college classes and sharpen their academic skills while giving them the confidence to succeed.

Parent Review:
“Teachers at the school have been willing to help outside of class hours to start clubs, assist in assignments, and to help students learn about applying for colleges and scholarships. Teachers not only allow for learning in the subject they teach but also life lessons.” — via Niche review

#4 BASIS Schools

Next on the list of gifted schools in Arizona is BASIS Schools. BASIS is a large network of K-12 charter schools with locations all across Arizona. Their approach is to provide students with a foundation of critical knowledge to help them advance academically. The curriculum is rigorous for all grades. In addition, beginning 9th grade, all students are required to participate in Advanced Placement courses and take AP Exams.

Parent Review:
“This school is amazing, it is a little challenging, I will admit that, but the teachers help you and give you one on one help . All the teachers and admin are very friendly.” — via Google Review

#5 University High School

University High School is a public high school part of the Tucson Unified School District. UHS is a highly-ranked, college preparatory high school with a rigorous, advanced academic curriculum for gifted students. UHS offers a full range of academics, fine arts, and athletics from Science Olympiad to Ecology Club. The school requires students and parents to be hands-on setting clear rules and expectations.

Parent Review:
“My daughter just started August 2nd and I am already very impressed. She has attended both private and charter schools and never been challenged like she is here, and it is just the first week. The parents get homework too. Every teacher sent home a class syllabus(including drama) with very clear rules and expectations for the students that had to be read and signed by parents as well. My daughter has done nothing but rave about teachers and curriculum and always wants to be there an hour early to take advantage of the multiple advising opportunities available. For the first time in years she is excited about school and eager to get there every morning” — via Great Schools

#6 Madison Traditional Academy

Madison Traditional Academy is a public PreK to 8th grade school in the Madison School District that has no neighborhood boundaries for enrollment. MTA’s goal is to develop a solid foundation for higher-level thinking through a structured curriculum. Students at MTA learn one year above grade level in Math and take advanced English Language Arts curriculum.

Parent Review:
“I love this school my son started this year in the 1st grade and I am impressed with his learning and the communication at the school is great you never have to wonder what is going on.” –via Great Schools

#7 Explorer Middle School

Explorer Middle School offers a student-centered community where students are expected to meet high academic standards and to contribute as positive citizens in the community. EMS is located in Northern Phoenix and is part of the Paradise Valley Unified School District.

Parent Review:
“This school has been amazing! I was a there for 2 years and loved it. Explorer has a wide range of activities and classes that make learning fun! The teachers are amazing and always lend a helping hand. The staff is nice, polite and all-round amazing. They offer tutoring for students who need extra help and the councilors provide a safe place for you when you need help. I have been very impressed with this school and wish I could have stayed longer!” –via Great Schools

#8 Great Hearts Academies

Great Hearts Academies is a network of public charter schools in Arizona that offer advanced curriculum built upon a classical liberal arts tradition. Great Hearts serves grades K-12, and students are given individualized attention so that students can surpass the best public and private schools in academic outcomes.

“We feel very fortunate to have found Great Hearts Scottsdale Prep. Our kids had been attending a large public high school taking all honors, accelerated, and gifted classes. We thought they were receiving an excellent education, but it was nothing compared to what they are getting now that they are at SPA. The difference in the quality of their education is shocking. This is truly a preparation for college.” –via Great Schools

#9 Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies

Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies base their learning philosophy on rigor and challenge in the classroom. Academy students receive an international education that is integrated with themes that promote global understanding in all subjects. Core academic classes including literature, composition, math, and science is complemented with foreign language and interactive instruction.

Parent Review:
“Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies is a great school for children who excel. This school gives them the challenge they need. It is not for everyone. The principal does a pretty good job of weeding out the candidates that probably won’t make it here. Your child has to be organized and want to be a high achiever. Your child needs to be self motivated. Most of the teachers are fantastic! There are a couple who should not be teaching here or anywhere else. Mr. Crispin is the most hands on pricipal I have ever seen. He knows all the students names and they really like him!” –via Great Schools

#10 Knox Gifted Academy

The Knox Gifted Academy completes the list of gifted schools in Arizona. Knox Gifted Academy is Pre-K through 7th grade school part of the Chandler Unified School District. As the name implies, students at KGA is a school with advanced schools. KGA provides Chess, Robotics, Science & Engineering Fairs, and more.

Parent Review:
“I moved into the area and my kids were placed here based on test scores in their files. We hadn’t had gifted education services previously- so I didn’t know what to expect. I was blown away- my kids LOVE school. I mean they were doing fine before, but Knox is something special. It’s not for every kid, but it’s certainly for mine. For example, a couple weeks ago my 5th graders built a ride-on hovercraft, and my 6th grader spent a few days in the Biosphere 2! That’s like stuff of DREAMS from when I was a kid! The PTO is next-level good with the fund raising, and events, and every single teacher, and administrator I’ve dealt with has been phenomenal. We need to support public education. We have some brilliant, innovative educators that are doing great work with our children!” –via Google Review